What we do

La mejor solución para cada proyecto


We design your space

We deliver creative interior projects on time and within budget. If your project is a new construction, refurbishment of an existing space or an historic building requiring sensitive treatment, AREA58 offers a complete design and management service from start to finish.

Working closely with you throughout the project

From the first moment, we will listen carefully to your preferences and requirements and will help you make the right decisions, taking into account even the smallest detail.

Tailored solutions

The scope of our participation may vary from one project to another, depending on customer needs. For this reason, we offer a personalised design and consulting service to find the best solution for you, from the initial conception of a project, to its completion.

Modular and flexible services

Our main services are designed in modular stages allowing you to choose exactly what you need:

  • Initial Consultancy
  • Analisys
  • Design
  • Management

To listen to your requirements and assess the scope of the project

To visit the site and carry out a project study

Concept design, development and technical study of the project

On and off site management

Environmental Commitment

As a company dedicated to interior design, Area 58 is greatly concerned with protecting the environment around us and our objective is to establish a working pattern applied to the design world, by creating a system, within which the environmental impact of each project, can be calculated and measured, in order to neutralize or minimize the carbon print as far as possible.

We also reuse and recycle materials where possible, without compromising aesthetics and functionality of the created space.